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(Hàlo a Shaoghail!)

I am a Web Developer who has been on a continuous learning path to increase my skills and technical knowledge in web technologies. The World Wide Web is a virtual space which I have learned to respect and I aim to continue my career working within it. From learning to code during my undergraduate degree (MA Digital Media & Information Studies at Glasgow University), to working some ambitious freelance projects, to working towards an MSc in Mobile Web Development at UWS - my ambition is to contribute to a safe and highly accessible Web.

I work remotely as a Web developer for Funraisin, who are an international software company with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, London, and San Diego. Funraisin develop excellent websites and tools for non-profits to embark on modern and scalable fundraising campaigns with incredible ease.

My personal interests and hobbies are varied and I spend most of my free time both consuming and sometimes creating digital media in most of its mediums. When I'm unhooked from the digital, I read to relax, walk and eat to keep healthy, and spend time with friends and loved ones.

This microsite has been programmed using HTML markup with some CSS for styling whilst using the Visual Studio Code editor. The site is hosted on Netlify, and updated on Github. My plan for this site is to continually add more project work I have been experimenting with using other web technologies including VUE.JS, REACT.JS, SASS, and GATSBY, as well as figuring out how to add all the practical JavaScript and PHP stuff I was taught at UWS. Anyway, thanks for reading, and feel free to get in touch! Hope you enjoyed my projects.


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