S&S Software 2019

In 2019, I took a remote position in a VR, motion capture and animation start-up.

My job was to develop and build the website, create a document system for the business, and curate and organise content for marketing use.

The team were full of creatives such as video games writers, animators, programmers, lighting and pyrotechnic experts, and 3D graphics specialists.

The start-up ran into some difficulties and ceased business in Dec 2019 when one of its directors and key visionaries had to leave for financial reasons - which left the whole project unfinished and abandoned after several months of hard work.

The video belows shows Seb and the team in action at the studio in Oradea, Romania - capturing kickboxing, dancing, and swordplay!

The music is taken from "Western Reverbs" by Brooklynzhen